10 ~ 12
August 2021


“CEMS Global” brings to you “5th INTERNATIONAL SAFETY & SECURITY EXPO BANGLADESH 2021 – VIRTUAL EDITION’ scheduled to be held from 10~12 August 2021, will be a virtually interacive showcase of the Safety & Security products and service-based industry. Security system is an important and essential factor in modern life in order to protect wealth, life and other assets of high commercial value as well as private institutions. It is of utmost importance to protect the large areas such as factories, substation, power plant, commercial & residential buildings, and other important institutions with automatic fire fighting and security surveillance system.

This security sector is an area of which people are currently becoming more aware and in turn are investing more money to avoid the adverse consequences form the lack of these precautions. In order to protect oneself from Catastrophic Events occurring; all forms of preventions are necessary in order to be prepared.

Therefore, the necessity of firefighting systems and other relevant security devices are increasing every day. People living in developing countries such as Bangladesh require a lot of safety awarenesses and the trend for obtaining protection services are increasing rapidly now a days. The ‘5th INTERNATIONAL SAFETY & SECURITY EXPO BANGLADESH 2021 – VIRTUAL EDITION’ will reveal to the country the rapid developments in the Industry and will be a launching pad for many security measures as well as new technology components. The neat layouts of the show will provide many opportunities to the consumers of the safety and security industry to see the latest offerings in the market as well as to the business visitor to carry out networking in a highly enabled environment.

The Safety & Security Expo is therefore not only a networking ground, but also a place to find business partners and strategic alliances for manufacturing, outsourcing, sub-contracting, design and development as well as direct marketing.


Airport Security | Alarms, Alarm Receiving Centers, Intruder Alarms | Ambulances | Automatic Sprinkler Systems | Batteries and Chargers | Breathing Apparatus | CCTV camera, System, Equipment| Chemicals, Fluids and Lubricants | Coastal Security | Command Control Systems | Communications and information products & technology | Confined-Space Rescue Equipment | Data Processing, Data Transmission, Encoders/ Decoders | Deluge Walls & Water Spray Systems | Detection Equipment | Defibrillator kit | Door Control Hardware | Electrical Safety | Emergency alarm & warning systems | Emergency escape smoke hood | Emergency medicine and epidemic prevention | Emergency Rescue Engineering | Emergency Signage's & Lighting | EMS Supplies, First Responders Equipment | Engineered Fire Suppression Systems | Equipment and Appliances for Fire Fighting Vehicles | Equipment for fire stations and workshops | Equipment/Accessories for Ambulance & Specialty Vehicles Evacuation Systems | Escape Ladders /Hydraulic systems | Extrication Equipment and Tools | Fire Alarm, Monitoring Systems & Services | Fire Detection & Alarm Systems-Heat, Smoke & Fire | Fire Doors and Shutters | Fire Engines | Fire extinguishing Appliances, Equipment and Systems | Firefighting suits & Clothing | Firefighting Tools & Equipment | Fire Hydrant Systems and Guard Devices | Fire proof Coatings, Fire Retardant Glazing, Fire proof cables & Panels | Fire Protection Systems and Materials | Fire Trucks | Fire/Explosive Detection & Suppression | Firefighting Tools & Equipment | Fire-ground Suits, Gloves / Gauntlets, Helmets/Caps, Lifebelts/ Lifejackets | First Aid & Medical Equipment and Services | Floodlights / Searchlights | Gas Detection | Hand Tools, Knives and Scissors | Hazmat and WMD Response Equipment and Supplies| Heat Detection Systems | Hose / Reels / Nozzles / Adapters, Labels and sign ages | House & building automation for security applications | Infrastructure Security | Insurance Companies| Integrated Access Control System | Intruder and burglary detection & alarm equipment | Labels and signage | Life Detection Equipment & Lifting Devices & Equipment | Mechanical Security Systems and Devices | Medical and Surgical Assistance and Supplies | Mobile hospitals, medical services, stretchers | Monitoring Systems | Non-Physical Access Control | Radiation Detection/Protection Systems | Relief & Rescue Systems | Remote monitoring control system for fire | Rescue Vehicles | Safety Cabinets, Accessories & Uniforms | Scanners and Walkthrough Metal Detectors | Search & Rescue Vehicles & Equipment | Security Services Providers| Sensors/Shock Sensors | Sirens and Horns | Smoke Detection Systems | Structural engineering, technical fire and building protection | Suppression Systems | Surveillance and Signaling Technologies and Equipment | Tents & Shelters, Stretchers | Thermal Imaging Cameras, Search & Rescue | Traffic Management System | Traffic Safety Management | Trailers | Transport Safety | Water Detection Systems | Workplace Safety Equipment's etc.


Analysts, Academics & Researchers | Architects / Contractors | Aviation Administration | Banking & Finance | Building, Construction & Property Developers | Civil Engineers / Electrical Engineers/Civil Defense Personnel | Coast Guards | Corporate security managers | Critical Infrastructure and Commercial Building Specialists | Custom Officials | Disaster & Crisis Management Authorities | Distributors / Representatives | Electrical Consultants | Embassy / High Commission Officials | Emergency Managers | Engineering Consultants | Facility Managers | Financial Institutions | Fire Engineers & Consultants | Fire Protection | Consultancies | First Responders & Rescue Personnel | Floor Managers | Gas / Oil / Petroleum | Head of Asset Management | Head of Operations & Maintenance | Head of Security | Hotel & Leisure | Immigration Officials | Instrumentation Managers | Insurance Services | Intelligence Agencies | Internal/External Security Agency | Investigation & Protection | IT & Cyber Security Professionals | Local and Federal Government Security Procurement Officials | Logistics & Supply Chains | Medical Professional | Ministry of Defense Personnel | Ministry of Home Affairs & Police | Defense & Para military forces | Political Leaders & their Advisers | Prison Officials | Private Security Agencies | Procurement Managers | Public Security & Safety Organizations | Regional Government Authorities | Retail security managers | Safety Inspectors, Managers & Supervisors | Security consultants | Security Establishments & Institutes | Security Liaison | Security Managers | System Installers & Integrators | Telecommunication | Training managers | Transport Operators | Universities, School & Educational Institutes | Venue and Stadium Operators etc.